Monday, September 7, 2015

8 ways to bless others.

"blessed is the home where each puts the other's happiness first."
I recently re-read that quote that we have hanging in our living room.I thought, "Yes, Lord! That's what I need to do!" Too often we look out for 'me' and do what makes 'me' happy, when we really need to get the focus off of ourselves and onto others. That's what God wants us to do. And, with His help, that's what I want to do. 
Here are 8 simple ways to bless others:
  • smile - seriously, i think we all need to smile more. i know i do.
  • say 'thank you' - sometimes we forget to say this. lets make it a habit to say 'thank you' more often.
  • write notes of encouragement - write quotes or verses and sit them around the house or give them away. or maybe a simple note letting a friend know you are praying for her.
  • make your sibling's bed - a simple task to help out.
  • do a chore wihtout being asked to - to be honest, when i do this, i  sometimes try to sneek around the house and make sure no one sees me!! haha. it can be fun to do tasks/chores without being asked. it blesses others AND God is pleased.
  • make a coffee for a friend and surprise her - who doesn't like coffee?? ;) and it may be just what she needs.
  • visit your grandparents - i love spending time with my grandparents! they are very special to me. i know your's would be happy with a visit! bring a card or some cookies. play a card game or sing them a new song you've learned.
  • offer to make supper for your mom - believe me, this is a huge help. meals can take time and preperation. i don't do the best at this, but I try to help out when i can. maybe offer to take one day a week and make supper for your family.
What are some other ways we can bless others?



  1. I don't think I could love this more! Great ideas, my friend! <3

  2. I for one don't like coffee. :~)

  3. Good ideas! I know I need to be doing more of them. :) Also, I find just taking time to play with younger siblings can be a real blessing to them too.
    The best thing about blessing others though, is that it's lots of fun, and always ends up being a blessing to yourself as well!

    1. Same here!
      And yes, i like the idea of playing things with younger siblings. Something i need to work on!
      Blessing others IS fun! Thanks for pointing that out! :)

  4. This is so grand! I appreciate this post :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Madison! Glad you could be encouraged!

  5. Great post and wonderful ideas! Something I thought of starting to do recently is make my Dad a jar of ice cold sweet tea or some other drink and take it out to him when he's working outside in the heat. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Thank you so much! I felt like I was not blessing people enough. This really helped!

    1. Glad you could be encouraged! :) Thanks for your comment, Chloe!


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