Thursday, September 24, 2015

thursday thankful things.

^old birthday cards with special messages
pictures waiting to be printed
^my new succulent plant from my uncle
texts from my dear bestie with exciting news
^matching with Shalyn a couple Sundays ago (and we didn't even try it!)
sitting on the porch with Heather on a cool evening
^when little girls let me do their hair
an evening of playing instruments + singing with friends & Grandma and Grandpa Y
going on a friend's zipline for the first time
^filling the pages in my smash book
ice cream over brownies
^verses in Psalms 91
filming this movie with Heather
^a box of old letters from friends + pen-pals
the blessing of having friends to email
^going to Sweet Frog with sisters and mom
^mini photo shoot with Marcy + Jess
getting chores/cleaning done before lunch
^sea shells from my dear friend, Alison
inspiring quotes
^shopping in Lancaster with Heather, Mom, Jerusha, and Aunt Lynette
~ ~ ~
What are you thankful for?


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