Friday, October 30, 2015

radiant joys photo challenge // week 4

(sorry for the late posting!)
 day seventeen | a smile
 day eighteen | the sky today
 day nineteen | pumpkins
day twenty | a treat
day twenty one | autumn
day twenty two | something you love
day twenty three | something you ate
day twenty four | apples


  1. #17 such a sweet smile, #19 what cute little pumpkins, #21 I so love paths in the woods (very pretty!), #24 just great! :D Wonderful job on them all Tashia!!

  2. Hi Tashia,

    I don't have a blog myself - I've wanted to but not really found the time and oppeetunity...etc.
    but I really love reading other people's blogs! ��
    Thanks for sharing - being joyful is so important as a Follower of Jesus!!

    God bless

    1. Hey Ashleigh!
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. hehe... I shall forever and always think of you when I see taco salad :)))

    <3 Sec


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