Thursday, February 18, 2016

thursday thankful things.

our first snow in January
for Jess making me breakfast Sunday morning
being pulled behind the sled by the horses down the middle of the road
"Hidden Falls" by Taylor Davis
cappuccino punch
"I Love You Day" flowers from Dad
taking a walk with Jess and Mom
my first photo shoot of the year with Heather + Kat (medieval style!).
playing Bohnanza with family
taking a walk with my sisters and aunts to see the neighbor's horses
smiles from friends
ice skating with friends
a warm house on a cold, windy day

Giving thanks always for all things unto God... Ephesians 5:20

{What are YOU thankful for?}


  1. Oh my! Horse-sledding looks like so much fun! Now if we only got more snow in winter. ;p
    And cappuccino punch sounds awesome! :)
    I am so thankful for my mom! I don't know what I'd do without her! <3
    Only by grace,

    1. Yes, it is fun being pulled in the sled! Thanks for the comment, Paige. ♡

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures from your photo shoot with Heather and Kat! :) ~Abbie

  3. This month I'm thankful for...
    new email subscribers
    a sweet valentine's gift from my secret sister
    fun times with friends
    cozy evenings
    and meeting new people and making new friends!
    Thanks for sharing another lovely post!

  4. That first picture!! Beauty. And gotta love that sunflare! And, wow, sledding behind a horse?! Ice skating is super fun - we haven't yet gone this winter, but would like to sometime soon! One thing I'm thankful for today is gloriously spring-like weather that leads to open windows, running outdoors, basketball with brothers, and reading in the sunshine on the back deck. A rare treat!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth!! Yes! The weather has be *gorgeous* lately!

  5. The sunshine and snow photo is so very pretty. Sled rides pulled by horses sounds fun! The roses from your dad are gorgeous...that is so sweet. Lovely post! I'm thankful for 3 70°days in a row, splitting firewood at our new neighbors, our golden retriever puppies, and visiting family in Nebraska. ❤

  6. Something I'm thankful for? You. :)
    Fun seeing your photos.


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