Monday, April 4, 2016

april goals.

Hey y'all! I'm here today with my completed march goals and also my new goals for April! I'd love to hear your goals, so please share them in the comments below!!

From last month...
-watch/read 1 tutorial on editing --I didn't get time to do this. :/ Will try to this month.
-read 2-3 articles on posing --Got those read. Very helpful. ;)
-figure out pricing for sessions --So glad to have figured that out.

-try two new recipes --I made one new recipe this month -Brown Sugar Muffins- Mmm they are *so good*! I will hopefully blog the recipe later this month.
-collect more recipes for my recipe book --It's been fun filling my recipe book! I just got some new cards and am waiting to fill them!
-make a double chocolate chip frappe --I made this when my cousin came over and we drank it while painting canvases. ;)

-journal 3-5 times a week --I think this happened each writing in my journals!
-message/text/email a friend each week --again, I think I did this each week. I strive to send an encouraging verse or note to a friend every week. 
-go a week without coffee --This one may have been a little hard. ;) It's always good to go without coffee now and again... ;P
-play my cello 3 times a week --Hmm not sure this always happened. I did play my cello more this month then I have been, which is a good thing! 

-memorize 4 verses --Memorizing is something that is hard for me to do. But I've found it is so helpful when writing a note to a friend and wanting to share a verse with them. I can remember one I memorized. :)
-read Psalm 30 - 46 --So many good verse in these chapters, y'all! I underlined and wrote many out. I encourage you to do the same. :)
-read Romans 1 + 2 --I did not get this done. I will move it on to reading this month.

-post 1 recipe --Ahh! I did not do this! I will try to post more in the future as I love baking!
-post 1 blog interview --I didn't get this blogged either. Look for a blog interview + guest post later this month (Lord willing!)!!
-post a Q + A --Yes! I'm sure most of you read my answers, but if you missed it, go HERE.

Wow! I'm surprised at how many I actually got done! LOL Looking forward to my goals for this month...

-do a fun photo shoot with friends
-do this 20 day nature photo challenge (change a few things)
-watch/read 1 tutorial on editing

-try 2 new recipes
-sew a dress
-make a caramel mocha milkshake

-help mom with meals more often
-journal 3-5 times a week
-keep room cleaned + organized
-learn a new song on the piano
-go a week without coffee
-send thinking of you/encouragement cards to one friend a week

-memorize 4 verses
-read Psalm 48 - 57
-read Romans 1 + 2

-post 1 recipe
-blog 1 interview
-post 1 guest post

-paint canvases with Jerusha (try something new/different)
-try a new craft
-get a cactus succulent

That's all for this month. Looking forward to hearing your goals for this month!
. . . 

Be of good courage, and he shall s t r e n g t h e n your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24


  1. I found your blog over More Radiance a few months ago and figured I should comment and say hi! :) I really enjoy reading your blog, Tasha! It is a blessing!
    I am a big list-maker and love making goals for years/seasons/months. For this month, my biggest goal would be to continue working on a piano piece I will be playing at a competition in May. I am also going to play the part of Elizabeth Elliot in the "Bridge of Blood" play, and since I have only till June, I want to get the lines memorized this month (I just got my script yesterday). Those would be the two main things. I also want to try a new recipe, crochet a scarf that a sweet lady from my church gave me the pattern for, learn a new piano piece, and practice my flute more than I do now. I have many more but those are just a few :) I enjoyed hearing your goals!

  2. Hello Tashia! What a fun post to read.:) I always enjoy these type of post. Makes me think I should start putting monthly goals on my blog, maybe I'd accomplish more.;) A double chocolate chip frappe?!? Yum! That sounds amazing! Can you share the recipe? I want one so bad!

  3. if you send your email address I will send you a recipe to add to your collection.:)

  4. Hehe, my goal is to make some goals!! ;) You're so organized! I'm all inspired and encouraged now, just by seeing the goals you've set for yourself! :)



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