Monday, May 9, 2016

may goals.

It's hard to believe it's May already! Only 20 more days till my birthday!!

My goals from last month:

-do a fun photo shoot with friends -- unfortunately, this didn't happen. I will have to see about getting that done this month!
-do this 20 day nature photo challenge (change a few things) -- Jess did this challenge with me and we had lots of fun together! I will blog the photos soon!
-watch/read 1 tutorial on editing -- I actually can't remember when or what I read, but I'm guessing it was helpful. LOL

-try 2 new recipes -- I made: pumpkin spice muffins & banana chocolate chip muffins. I will probably blog one of these recipes soon!
-sew a dress -- I did not make a dress. April seemed a little crazy and it never got done.
-make a caramel mocha milkshake -- I randomly decided to go on a coffee fast, so I didn't make this.

-help mom with meals more often -- I was able to help mom with meals a lot more last month which was lots of fun! Need to keep helping when I can!!
-journal 3-5 times a week -- This is always something I love doing! I've been writing in my prayer journal the most. Trying to spend more and more time with Jesus. :)
-keep room cleaned + organized -- I think this happened! Some days are better then others! :P
-learn a new song on the piano -- I learned Canon in D this month. Still trying to perfect it. 
-go a week without coffee -- Yep. Did that. 
-send thinking of you/encouragement cards to one friend a week -- I love doing this!! I encourage you to do it as well! 

-memorize 4 verses -- I think I memorized two verses last month.
-read Psalm 48 - 57 -- Mmm I love reading through Psalms! One of my favorite books of the Bible. 
-read Romans 1 + 2 -- Read those two chapters. I plan on reading two a month until I finish the book.

-post 1 recipe -- I blogged strawberry + cream pudding cookies. Find the recipe HERE.
-blog 1 interview -- I still didn't get this blogged!! I'll see about blogging that this month.
-post 1 guest post -- I had Rebekah from More Radiance do a guest post. Read it HERE.

-paint canvases with Jerusha (try something new/different) -- Like I said, last month seemed a little crazy, so Jerusha + I didn't get together and paint. Maybe we'll do it this month!
-try a new craft -- I didn't try a new craft either. :/ 
-get a cactus succulent -- I went to a local green house and looked through their succulents (I wanted to bring all of them home with me!!) but wasn't able to find a cactus-looking one that I liked. I decided to try and take cuttings from the succulents I have and see about growing my own! 

I decided to set less goals for myself this month since I didn't get some of them done last month. 

May goals:
-sew a dress
-try 2 new recipes

-journal 3-5 times a week
-learn a new song on the cello
-go a week without coffee

-read Psalm 1 - 18
-read Romans 3 - 4

-post 1 recipe
-post 1 blog interview

-re-pot some of my succulents + take cuttings and grow my own
-plant herbs 

Let me know what some of your goals are for this month! 
. . . 

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation. Psalm 35:9


  1. This month I am trying to memorize as much in Ephesians as I can! I plan to Bible quiz in the fall/winter, so memorizing this time of year really helps!
    Thanks for the post, I love your blog :)
    blessings, Shalom

  2. Great goals, Tashia! I'd be interested in trying the pumpkin muffins-- pumpkin is my favorite!!

    Hmmm...I guess some of my May goals include finishing work this week, one last photo session, wrapping up my prep & packing for Uganda, take a media fast (from mid to late May), finishing a Bible study, getting gifts together to leave for my siblings........ahhh the list could go on forever! May is always a busy month! Happy Birthday, friend! <3

    1. I'll send you the recipe! :)
      Praying your trip goes well, friend! I'll miss you! <3

  3. Thanks for sharing your goals, Tashia! That's super neat that you play the cello. And I'd love to hear how your succulent growing endeavor goes! How often do you water yours? I think I over-watered one and under-watered another...which didn't end well for either. xP Much love!!

  4. I love hearing your goals for each month! I am very practical so I have always liked lists and goals anyway :) I completed most of my goals for April, so I was excited to try to do more, but I kinda went a little crazy with setting goals this month... I already have finished some of them though, so maybe it IS possible to complete so many! :P
    Mmm, banana muffins are awesome! My mom used to make them for us all the time for breakfast. They are family favorites definitely!
    Happy early birthday Tasha!!


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