Thursday, July 21, 2016

thursday thankful things.

i'm thankful for . . .
a rose from grandma's garden
going swimming with the sisters + aunts
hot coffee after swimming
free slurpees from 7/11
a weekend with the aunts
water color painting with my aunts
Anne of Green Gables to listen to while sewing
AC + fans when it's hot outside
my new art journal
veggies fresh from the garden
encouragement form a dear friend
coffee drinks that turn out well
thriftin adventures with the sisters
(be sure to check out their YouTube channel too. Click HERE!)
. . . 

{What are YOU thankful for?}
"My hope is in You all day long." Psalm 25:5


  1. Such pretty pics! I especially love the one of your journal - that giraffe is so super cool. You're really talented.


  2. Great list! That giraffe is awesome. :)


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