Monday, August 22, 2016

DIY picture frame.

This was such a fun project! 
I've had this frame laying around for awhile, and wasn't sure what I could use it for. Then I remembered a project a friend did and thought I'd try it too.
Out came the paints! It took me a few tries until I found the right shade of turquoise. After the paint dried I painted gloss varnish over it. 
Next it was time to find paper for the background. Cut to fit the frame, add a clip & hang!
I also have another paper design I can use to inter-change if the quote doesn't match this one. :)

Tell me, what DIY projects have you tried lately? Is there something you'd like to try, but haven't had the chance yet? //


  1. LOVE this!! So so cute, and what a beautiful prayer from the heart! <3

  2. So pretty! Might try to make one with a frame some day!

  3. Sooo cute!!! Also, putting scrapbook paper in a frame and using the glass as a dry erase board.

  4. Very cute!!! I also LOVE your shelf decor!

  5. Super cute! I love this idea. :)


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