Thursday, September 8, 2016

thursday thankful things

i'm thankful for . . .
meeting Elesa (co-editer of FHP) in person!!
walks to the mailbox
mowing for grandpa
morning walk + good conversations with the bestie
quiet time with Jesus + coffee
walking barefoot in the grass
the fall issue of FHP
coffee + donuts with new & old friends
email from a dear friend
sewing dress #2 on my own (thankful for a little help from mom!)
seeing my friend from Germany after two years!!
cheese quesadilla
photo session with cousins
a cool house (thanks to fans + A.C.!)
my very first gelato from Target
food in the freezer
singing + playing instruments at a retirenment home with the sisters
DIY projects
five minute iced coffee
baking cupcakes for sisters' birthday tea party
songs that inspire me
renewed joy
. . . 

{ What are you thankful for? }


  1. I'm thankful for good books, God opportunities, driving to meet friends in the country, teaching children about God's creation, blogging and delicious coffee to keep me going. ^_^

  2. I love your Thursday Thankful Things! I am thankful for... my best friends, safe travels on vacation, my job, new blog posts, and fresh fruit. :)
    Rebekah Joy

  3. I loved the list and photos! I'm thankful for the lovely weather, the all day at church yesterday, staying the night with friends, bike rides, and my family!

  4. Loved reading your lists of thankful things, girls!! <3


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