Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our first music video!!

I'm excited to share our first music video with y'all!! Heather just uploaded it to her YouTube channel. We filmed it while vising family in Arkansas last month and finally got it all put together!
We had lots of fun making this and hope it is a blessing to you.

~Tashia Nicole


  1. such beautiful music!! also THE FILM WORK wow you guys did fabulous <3

  2. LOVE IT! you guys did awesome! <3

  3. So beautiful! I love how the music is reflective and calming; I think its a perfect fit for the song. The video quality and work was so professionally done!
    I play several instruments, and my dream is to one day have a music group that ministers specifically with sacred music, as well as create CDs and music videos like this one. This video is encouraging and exciting for me to see -- thank you so much!!

  4. beautiful video you guys! great job!


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