Monday, February 27, 2017

Shannon & Heidi | family

Back in December I had the opportunity to take pictures for my aunt + uncle's family. 
These guys braved the *freeezing* cold with me and did a super job!

Enjoy my favorites of the Lehigh family!
Love this one!
Skyler. I miss his laugh. ;)
Love this of Clark!
 Sweet Tirzah.
She did so good, even though we were freezing!

~Tashia Nicole


  1. What pretty pictures Tashia! I like them all, but I think #12 is my favorite! :) Thanks for sharing!

    - Maddy

  2. The pictures are lovely! -Riley

  3. Wonderful photography! Do you mainly shoot on the manual setting, or do you use different settings? I've heard a lot about using manual. I've used it several times more recently, but today it just didn't work. I adjusted the shutter speed and ISO so many times, and the pictures had terrible lighting. If it wasn't bright or dim enough, it had an orange tint. And it was overcast outside, which I have found to be the best time to take photos. Also, does your camera have the orange tint issue? It may be just ours... ours always seems to have an issue, especially with the orange tint. It has that tint on every setting, no matter how we adjust it. The only time it isn't tinted orange is when it's shady outside, and even then sometimes it's orange (like today). Do you think that is a camera issue or is there a way to fix that?

    Thanks so much!

    -- Grace

    1. Hey Grace!

      Yes, I use manual all the time. I think your problem with the orange tint could possibly be because of your White Balance. Try adjusting the WB setting and maybe that will get rid of that orange tint you're having trouble with. And keep playing with the other settings until you get the desired look you want. And don't get discouraged! It takes time to learn the settings and find out what they do!

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks so much Tashia! I didn't even know what White Balance was... xD I'll have to try that then! :)



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