Thursday, March 9, 2017

fall picnic | photo shoot

Last fall my aunt + I had a fall picnic photo shoot with our sisters! The weather was beautiful and our models were oh so lovely.

Shout out to Hannah for all the styling/food set up!
So many fun details.
Thanks Shalyn, Marcy + Jess for being so willing to let Hannah & I try some fun ideas with y'all! ♥

~Tashia Nicole


  1. I really like these pictures, Tashia, and I like how you set up the props!!! :) The pictures are lovely!

    - Maddy

  2. Lovely ladies having a good time.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, Tash! Such a fun memory! I love your photo (the first photo) of them all laughing. It's funny remembering that I had planned other food stuff but forgot about it and how what we had was perfectly enough anyway! :) I think the girls enjoyed eating our props way too much! ;P The most fun part was when I realized afterwards that I'd actually gotten a few nice photos. We've got to plan another one someday!
    Wish I could tell you which was a favorite here but you've got so many nice ones!

  4. Beautiful photography, Tashia! All of these are wonderful <3 Keep it up!



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