Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm Back! :)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Here's why:
  When I started my blog, I wanted to encourage other girls in their walk with God, and it slowing turned into a blog about me, and I'm sorry for that. Please pray for me as I strive to make my posts more meaningful. ~Tashia


  1. Hi Tashia,

    Please don't feel discouraged! The light of Christ has shown through every post--even the ones that weren't solely focused on a certain topic. But I want you to post whatever the Lord is putting on your heart.

    I'll be praying!

    His Princess,

  2. I'll pray! I need to work on that also! Glad to see you back!
    Your life shines God's light! And that encourages and is meaningful to me! It helps me to remember to shine God's light also!

  3. Hello Tashia! First of all, thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my blog - so grateful for your encouraging words. :) And, ah, such a beautiful picture - love the reflection. <3 I can relate to what you wrote's so challenging for me not to have my blog centered around me. I'm prayerfully, by God's grace, aiming towards being more purposeful with my's still a challenge though! Blessings and have a beautiful Christmas, rejoicing in our Savior!

    1. @Ellie - Thank you for your prayers and kind words! <3

      @Elizabeth - Thank you also for your kind words! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well! ~Tashia


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