Monday, November 17, 2014

DAY 17 // a song I'm thankful for

Growing in Wisdom // by Rachel {Wissmann} Busenitz

We are seeking treasure that money cannot give, looking to our Maker for how we should live. To see the world the way God sees, His perfect plan for you and me, 
growing in the wisdom of the Lord.

We are seeking for the truth, learning knowledge in our youth. Searching out our Master’s plan, growing in the wisdom of the Lord.

We need understanding and guidance from above. Following our Master, who leads us in Him love. We’re listening to His holy word, trusting Him at every turn, growing in the wisdom of the Lord. 

We are seeking for the truth, learning knowledge in our youth. Searching out our Master’s plan, 
growing in the wisdom of the Lord.
. . .
This is one of my new favorite songs from the Wissmann's CD, "My Heart, Your Home."
I like the part about "learning knowledge in our youth. . ." because that is what all young girls should be doing - using their single years to learn and grow in the Lord.

What song are you thankful for and why?

"find JOY in the ordinary"

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