Tuesday, October 18, 2016

McKenzie, Alexia, Micah, & Monica | portraits

Meet the Nell children - McKenzie, Alexia, Micah, and Monica! The two oldest girls take riding lessons from Heather and both asked if they could get their school pictures with the horses!

We started out with Monica while McKenzie & Alexia took riding lessons, but since she had just gotten up from a nap, she wasn't quite ready to sit and smile for the camera. ;)
I left Monica with her mommy and moved onto Micah.
After Micah was done, we tried Monica again and this time she was ready for the camera!
Once the girls were done with their lesson we took their pictures.
Kenzi was very natural in front of the camera. Isn't her smile beautiful?!
And last it was Lexi's turn. I loved her sweet smile.
I'll end with my favorite of Lexi + Kat.

I had fun doing portraits for these sweet cousins of mine. I'm thankful for the opportunity + for the time we could spend with them! 


  1. These are so cute! Great job, Tashia!

  2. Nice photos! The close up one of Kenzi is my favourite. :) You did a good job with the photos of the girls with the horses - photographing horses is so hard sometimes!

  3. These are all darling! I *love* the fourth one down. <3 And the girls with the horses are sweet! I especially like how you got a close up of each of them with half of the horse's face in the photo. They turned out so good. <3


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