Thursday, October 20, 2016

thursday thankful things

i'm thankful for . . .
coffee + my new favorite book
my micron pen
mini fruit pizzas
learning "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)" on the piano
banana chocolate chip muffins
God's faithfulness
the song "Oceans (where feet may fail)"
listening to music before bed with Jessseeing a gold finch up close (+ Jess got to touch it!)
homemade pizza
3 days of rain
having a family from church over for supper
national coffee day
the sound of dresser drawers opening and closing each morning
finishing a string art project for a friend's wedding
coffee ice cream in my panda bear mugspending two days with the aunts + uncle
when dress patterns finally work out
finishing another chapter in Little Women
selfies with sisters
learning to shoot the long bow
starting my bullet journal/planner
ice cream at Twist and Shake
. . . 
The Lord is near all those who call out to Him. 145:18 

{ what are you thankful for? }


  1. Love this post! Your ice cream looks delicious, and I love your shirt in the fifth and sixth photos! The muffins look delicious! And I am so happy you're enjoying Little Women!

  2. That's amazing that Jess got to touch the bird! I love that "but first, coffee" mug, homemade pizza is always great, and I'm sure that the 10,000 Reasons on piano sounds lovely!! I am so thankful for the beautiful weather we are having and how green it still is down here. I so love fall!


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