Thursday, June 29, 2017

thursday thankful things

i'm thankful for. . .
my new succulent from Nelson
strawberry banana breakfast smoothie
selfies with Amanda
walks with Jess
re-potting succulents with Jess
unintentionally matching with Jess for church
birthday flowers from Nelson
birthday letters packed with fun things from Abby Rose
going to the zoo with these fun people
Will Our Generation Speak by Grace Mally
hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park with Nelson, Heather & Joel
wendys frostys with sisters, mom + grandma
the summer 2017 issue of FHP
going camping with Nelson's family
campgrounds that have ice cream shops
shopping at community aid with Abbie, sisters & mom
sweet frog chats with Secily
. . .
{ what are you thankful for? }


  1. I always love your thankful things posts, Tashia!!
    I'm thankful for fresh eggs, getting a new piano student, and my family.

  2. Oh Tash, this post was so SWEET! ♡♡ succulents are so much fun and campgrounds with ice cream shops????? OMW YES PLEASE!

  3. I just LOVE these thankful posts. They bring my heart so much joy. I am thankful for YOU, Tashia!
    *hugs* ~ Abby Rose <3


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